(UK) Linn Records: "Sollazzo Ensemble" Debut Recording (20 Oct 2017)

Contributed by admin on Oct 12, 2017

"Sollazzo Ensemble makes its recording debut following its prize-winning performance at the highly respected biennial York Early Music International Young Artists Competition.  ...

(US) Texas Early Music Project (TEMP): "TEMP's First Annual Pop-up Silent Auction" (17 Sep 2017)

Contributed by admin on Sep 10, 2017

(From a recent TEMP newsletter 08 Sep 2017)

"Have you ever attended a concert and thought, "The only thing missing from this experience is a silent auction where I can get really cool stuff.  Now THAT would make my day."

Well folks, get ready, because we are about to make your day!

On Sunday, Sept. 17th,  at our Paris City Limits, Part Deux concert, we’re hosting TEMP’s first annual Pop-Up Silent Auction.  From 2:00 to 5:30pm  you can enter your bids for items that include:  ...

(US) Opera Today Review: "Matthias Goerne: Bach Cantatas for Bass" (by Jack Pepper, 03 Sep 2017))

Contributed by admin on Sep 10, 2017

"In this new release for Harmonia Mundi, German baritone Matthias Goerne presents us with two gems of Bach’s cantata repertoire, with the texts of both BWV 56 and 82 exploring one’s sense of hope in death.  Goerne adeptly interprets the paradoxical combination of hope and despair that underpins these works, deploying a graceful lyricism alongside a richer, darker bass register. ...

(UK) Oxford Academic: The English Historical Review (Vol 132, Issue 556)

Contributed by admin on Sep 10, 2017

In the latest Oxford Academic volume of "The English Historical Review", although not all musically-related per se, you may be interested in some of its articles such as the following:


  • ‘Like a Raging Lion’: Richard the Lionheart’s Anger during the Third Crusade in Medieval and Modern Historiography"
  • "Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses and the Origins of the Reformation Narrative"
  • "The Idea of Anglo-Saxon England 1066–1901: Remembering, Forgetting, Deciphering, and Renewing the Past, by John D. Niles"
  • "La Bataille: Du fait d’armes au combat idéologique, ed. Ariane Boltanski, Yann Lagedec and Franck Mercier"


(IE) Bray Baroque Books: "Unequal Temperaments: Theory, History and Practice - 4th ed. (by Claudio Di Veroli)

Contributed by admin on Sep 10, 2017

"This website and book are devoted to everybody interested in Musical Temperament: performers of all Western musical instruments, singers, keyboard tuners, instrument makers, students and music lovers.  ...

(US) Musica Pacifica News

Contributed by admin on Sep 09, 2017

"After 27 years of spirited and exuberant performances, Musica Pacifica will see a “changing of the guard,” as Elizabeth Blumenstock, one of the ensemble's founding members, has announced her retirement from the group. ...

(US) Atlas Obscura Article: "How a 17th-Century Naval Engineer Revolutionized Set Design" (by Cara Giaimo, 05 Sep 2017)

Contributed by admin on Sep 09, 2017

"In 1660, the stage designer Gaspare Vigarani came into an unexpected windfall. The Louvre was expanding, and the Grande Salle du Petit-Bourbon—a massive theater that had housed operas, plays, and ballets for nearly a century—was being destroyed to make room. Vigarani was told to grab everything he could from backstage and move it to his own theater, the Salles de Machines, which was then under construction. ...

(DE) Tree Edition Book Releases February 2017

Contributed by admin on Jan 17, 2017

(From a recent newsletter item from Tree Editions)

Series: The Rostock Lute Mss
Rostock 12

Ms Mus Saec XVIII-53,3 a-c
3 Parthies for Lute and Strings / 3 Parthien für Laute und Streicher
del Sign. Pichler
Facsimile / French Tablature / Baroque tuning / Euro 30.-

 ... more ...

(US) WIRED Magazine Article: "What Happens When Algorithms Design A Concert Hall? The Stunning Elbphiharmonie" (by Liz Stinson, 12 Jan 2017)

Contributed by admin on Jan 17, 2017

"The most interesting thing about Herzog and De Meuron’s newly opened concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie, isn’t its wave-like facade, which rises above the city of Hamburg, Germany. It’s not the gently curved elevator at the base of the lobby that deposits you into the belly of the Swiss architects’ alien landscape. And it’s not the Escher-esque stairways that guide you from one floor to the next.

Though Hamburg’s $843 million philharmonic is filled with stunning architectural gems, its most interesting feature is the central auditorium, a gleaming ivory cave built from 10,000 unique acoustic panels that ...

(FR) Musicologie Book Review: "L'orchestre à cordes sous Louis xiv" (by Duron Jean et Gétreau Florence, 2016) (Review by Jean-Marc Warszawski, 15 Jan 2017)

Contributed by admin on Jan 17, 2017

Duron Jean et Gétreau Florence (direction), L'orchestre à cordes sous Louis xiv : Instruments, répertoires, singularités. « Musicologies »Vrin, Paris 2016 [472 p. ; ISBN978-2-7116-2619-9 ; 29 €].

"This book brings together 23 contributions relating to string orchestras, but also to strings in orchestras, under the reign of Louis XIV. With the center, Versailles practices: the tyrant had paid little attention to the expense to impress the world and erect to the and his royalty, in fact already declining and for this reason, an outstanding monument, including music. Versailles was a reference - certainly partly phantasmagoric - to the princes of the whole earth, even to those who never showed their majesty or the tip of their noses. ...

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