Workshops/Festivals 2011

Workshops/Festivals 2011: (FR) Orpheon Courses for Early Music

Contributed by Admin on Apr 21, 2011

May we invite you to join us for some very stimulating courses in Early Music in some of the most spectacular settings one can imagine? These courses, geared for professional and amateur alike, offer a pedagogically well balanced program of technique classes, master classes and ensemble playing.

Another important feature of the Orpheon courses is the possibility - unique in the world - of playing on the original viola da gambas and violins, violas and violoncellos from 1560 to 1800 of the Vazquez Collection, which constitutes an indispensable experience for the understanding of this music, since regrettably the modern reproductions rarely match the quality of the fine old viols and violins. The tutors of the courses, recruited from all over Europe, as well as Canada and the USA, impart their own particular insights into the interpretation of this immensely rewarding repertoire. We promise you this will be an experience you will never forget!

Visit the  Orpheon Courses for Early Music web pages for more information.