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News 2016: (CA) "Summer Workshops and Festivals Listings"

Contributed by admin on Sep 19, 2016

If you have not as yet planned your summer months, do take a look at what events are being offered in your region, or, perhaps far-off “exotic” regions. Some of the workshop sign-ups are still open for registrations, or, if registrations are closed, you may be able to convince someone to audit the courses. Nevertheless, there are ample summer workshop concerts available to attend and enjoy. 

Feel free to browse through our extensive list of workshop and festivals that may be found on our website in three formats:

  • Calendar view: You may browse through the list of events using our embedded Google Calendar (you may find the link on the front page of our website, on the top menu, listed as “Calendars”). If you are searching for a specific region, you may find it useful to use the “filter” button found next to the word “Month” (the little down-arrow); this will allow you to “turn on” or “turn off” the regions as you please. Additionally, if you find dates where too many events are hidden from easy view, you may want to have them listed by “Week” which will show all of the events in unhidden view.

    The “International Early Music Conferences and Festival/Workshopcalendar can be found in our “Calendars” section of the website, or, you may jump to the “International Early Music Conferences and Festival/Workshops” page directly by following this link.
  • News Article view: You may browse through the list of events where marketing materials have been sent or where additional material could not be fitted in the Calendar. To view these, click on the “News Categories” link (found under the word “News” on our front page). This link will lead you to a page listing all of the news categories used at Feel free to choose the category you are interested in or to join the RSS feed to receive any update directly through your browser.

    Jump to the “News Categories” page directly by following this link.
  • Weblinks view: You may browse through the list of “Festival/Workshops/Summer Schools/Conferencesweblinks by regions found on our Weblinks page. There are over 200 listed “workshops and festivals” weblinks in this section. Feel free to suggest any missing or dead links to us.

    Jump to the “Weblinks” page directly by following this link.

    Also feel free to browse through the more than 2700 early music weblinks found on the site.

We hope that you find these services helpful, and, would like to express our deepest appreciation to the many early music groups and organizations who have planned these upcoming summer events. Many hours of devotion have been put into the programming of these events and we would like to encourage all to help out by either volunteering your services or donating funds to early music organizations where you frequent. Have a great summer filled with soothing and lively early music.


Marc Paré, Editor